Always Climb at a Savings with the ‘Big Trees’ Adventure Park Memberships!

Our largest request from frequent guests and families over the last two years was to create a simple membership program that allowed them to climb more often and at a discount. In response to this feedback we bring you the ‘Big Trees’ membership program.

Just Pick Your Membership. Get Points. Save and Climb Anytime. 

Joining is as easy as picking the membership below that best suits you. When you choose and purchase a monthly membership level  The Adventure Park will place the respective Adventure Points into your account.  Each month thereafter, we will charge your credit card the membership fee and deposit the Adventure Points into your personal account.

Membership Details

Adventure Points can be redeemed for climbing reservations at the park. A full price adult ticket is usually $56 or 150 points. This is a savings of $14!  Adventure points ALWAYS represent at least a 20% savings.  

Unused Points always carry over, never expire and you are free to share with friends and family.

To become a member, select your preferred membership level below, complete the simple membership agreement and enter payment information.  Then be on the lookout for your Membership Activation email. &nbsp

Sample Membership Page

You will have access to a page just like this to track your points and membership details. 

“My family loves our Big Trees Membership (Oak!).  We climb as a family and often bring friends. Membership lets us do so often and at a great savings.”

– David F.