Join the Adventure Park ByPass Club

Join the ByPass ClubOne of our favorite things to see at The Adventure Park is the smiles on the faces of our regular guests. We hope to make that smile BIGGER with The Adventure Park ByPass Club.  As regular climbers, many of you have been through our safety briefing numerous times and have mastered the equipment.  As a ByPass Club member you will be rewarded with more time to play in the trees.

The ByPass Club is free to join, and membership can gain you as much as a half-hour of climbing time on each trip to the Park.

How does it work? Simple! Just go through the regular process and safety checks on your first climb of the season. If you’ve already done this one or more times, great!  Afterward, take ByPass Club safety quiz, receive your membership card, and start taking advantage of club benefits. Renew every year for ongoing fun!

Advantages – Show your membership card to:

  • Skip the safety briefing  and practice zips, get climbing faster
  • Use special Harnessing area for ByPass Members, get into the trees faster
  • Receive invites to special events and sales for ByPass Members

Click to download your ByPass Club safety quiz [PDF FILE].  This should be printed, filled out and brought with you to the Park to be verified by Park Staff.

Will Download PDF