Keep it LIT!

After-hours just got a whole lot more fun for the grown-ups!

If you’re sitting there, wondering where the heck you’re going to take your date tonight, or what you’re going to do with your buddies, or you’re eyeing that clock and counting down to happy hour…

We’ve got you covered. (You’re welcome!)

It’s the adults turn to play: anyone who is 18+ can come climb and zip, while we light up the Park and spin some tunes through the trees!





We're open until 11 PM for an adult Park takeover...

Reservations made for between 7:35PM and 9PM are only for our Keep it LIT! climbers at the special price of $25. (The Park is open until 7:30PM for General Admission.)

At-the-door tickets for this special event will be sold until 9PM, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This event is fast becoming a favorite.

Plan your Keep it LIT! adventure now!
Age Requirement:

Reservation Times:
7:35 PM - 9 PM
Park is open until 11 PM


Upcoming Dates:
Check back in 2019!