Aerial Forest Adventure Park

With 10 Trails, 15 zip lines, 5 difficulty levels, and over 140 challenge bridges, The Adventure Forest is the largest forest climbing park in New York. At the heart of the park is the main platform with 10 separate trails heading off and up into the tree tops. Each is color coded indicating the difficulty of the trail. Like a ski mountain, each climber chooses their own level of challenge. Depending on the climber and the trails chosen, climbers can generally complete two to four trails during a three hour climbing session.

Please select your harnessing time below and plan to arrive early to check in: The ticket you purchase includes 40 minutes for harnessing and safety orientation in addition to 3 hours of climbing. To make your day more enjoyable and to expedite the registration process, please be sure to complete your waiver prior to coming to the Park and arrive to the Park at least 20 minutes prior to your reservation time. A link to your waiver is included in the Reservation Confirmation email.

Guests reserving in the final 3 hours of the day love the big discounts and find the shorter climbing time more to their liking. Last Call climbers have full access to the courses at the beginning and then it becomes limited as courses begin to close on the following schedule: Black course one hour prior to closing, Blue courses 45 minutes, Green courses 30 mins, and Yellow course at 15mins.